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The Fine Art Collective newsletter is a monthly curated roundup of the most cutting edge contemporary art news and gallery exhibitions the world over.

We Create Live 2015 Logo Banner

We Create Live 2015, presented by Liquitex, showcases the best in live art and music, taking place in The Earlham Street Clubhouse in Covent Garden, We Create Live gives 2 lucky winners the chance to paint alongside industry professionals on the night. If that wasn't enough FREE NYC style pizzas and goody bags will be available to all attendees. For more information on this event and details on how you can register for FREE guest-list tickets click here.

We Create Live 2015 - Wednesday 11th March 2015 at The Earlham Street Clubhouse, WC2H 9LD

Kour Pour Exhibition Picture

Contemporary artist Kour Pour first solo show took place at The DEPART Foundation. Known for his installation works and large scale tapestery carpet paintings, Kour Pour's 'Samarsa' exhibition is a celebration of historic practises and modern day techniques. The exhibition runs until the 7th March 2015, click here for picture from the private view.

Kour Pour Samarsa

Winsor & Newton have introduced a revolutionary new retail experience aimed at inspiring artist and displaying the wide range of Winsor & Newton products at London Graphic Centre, Covent Garden. With paints organised by colour and in-depth information panels, the new in-store display makes shopping for paint a great experience. Click here for more pictures of the display and further information.

Pikin Slee Exhibition

Pikin Slee develops and extends on artist Viviane Sussane long-running fascination with the symbolism of bodies and objects integrating saturated colour photographs with paintings. The exhibition 'Pikin Slee' is currently on view at London's ICA Gallery until April 12th 2015. For pictures from the exhibition click here



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